start up

So I've been admiring a lot of food blogs, drooling over amazing food pictures and following food bloggers for ages.I am, of course, still not sure whether starting this blog was a very good idea because: a)I don't have time for regular updates,b)my cooking skills are limited and c)my last food blog didn't work out too well.Pfft.

But on the plus side: a)I have an amazing camera and my food pictures are not too bad,b)food is love, love is food,c)I'd eventually like to try my hand at food decoration for photography.

Pasta also known as soul food or comfort food( for me).Cheese toppings, a creamy mozzarella gravy, corn and veggies...yes, I have finally learnt to make reasonably good pasta.

When it comes to cooking, the only dish I excel at is kosha murgi or chicken curry.Some tandoori roti or plain rice with chicken done well is the stuff dreams are made of.

Ma's kooler tok is reminiscent of Saraswati Pujo and winter. Sticky, sweet, a tad bit spicey, there can be no other perfect end to a delightful Bengali lunch.

P.S:The header is awful, was put together in a hurry.Something better shall be used sooner, when time permits.Also please tell me what might work better, recipes?Food stories?More pictures?Just pictures and no talk?

(All pictures posted in this blog are taken by me with my Nikon D3000.Not to be downloaded/used without my permission.)