For the love of eggs!

Scrambled eggs are quick and easy to make.Also, quite delightful to hog.

Milk, eggs and a small dollop of cheese can make melt-in-your-mouth yummy scrambled eggs.However, like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride I am not quite sure how exactly I like my eggs. I cannot make the perfect poached egg, God knows why.For me, it is a Herculean task sadly.Any tips?Omelets are the easiest, simplest and greediest approach to eggs.Boiled eggs can be friendly, specially if you are embarking on painful and smelly calorie control diet(read:soup diets).How do you like your eggs?Well, not yours. Get the point please?For now, yay to scrambled eggs.Deep contented sigh.

Also I am reminded of this yummy blog post by Tuna.


  1. i am not that great a afan of eggs, kintu tor chhobi ta durdanto hoyeche!

  2. @Bhooter Raja-kheteo bhalo hoyechilo :P

  3. add oregano to scrambled eggs the next time.and maybe a few chopped tomatoes.
    and about the poach,dont try turning in the yolk part on the pan...tastes better when the bottom is brownish and the tops is white and untouched.
    also try water poaches..way way healthier.

  4. Nice picture, and I love scrambled eggs. Love poaches too. Will give you tips on making a proper poach too, when we talk online.

  5. @BDC-thank you for the tip,will try.I love oregano :) Also have you seen "Julie and Julia" and water poach making tips in the movie?Must see :D

    @Tuna-yes,yes I totally depend on you for all good food tips <3