Why have I eaten an obscene amount of jam?

Because well I am like Joey, I can eat huge amounts of jam and crave for a whole lot more.There is something so comforting and delightful about spreading out red dollops of jam on a crisp toasted bread.Specially the ones with pulp.Ah heaven, the stuff that dreams are made of...This jar of jam in the picture is even more yum because it is made up of practically zero calories, which means that even though it's sugar free it definitely has that pulpy sweet taste that usual jars of jam do. But the best part has to be the little bits and pieces of cherry that are added into the jar and one spoonful of it will be enough to make you go weak in the knee.

It is strange that not many people actually share my enthusiasm for jam.In fact people hardly take the effort of making jams at home. Whatever happened to good old fashioned jam making at home?My grandfather apparently specialized in the art but now that it's a whole lot easier to simply buy a jar from some grocery store, no one even wants to go into the trouble anymore.Deep sigh.Does anyone else share my love for jam?

I have been cooking a lot for the last two weeks.Sadly every time I cooked I was either too tired or not in the mood to take out my camera.So I cooked doi maach, and kosha murgi and Mexican rice and not to forget aloo posto.But laziness always gets the better of me.Tsk.

Also do you have a preference for the way you eat your jam?I particularly like mine to be on brown well toasted bread.Sometimes perhaps a little amount for decoration on a vanilla slice.Or just greedily out of the jar and into the mouth!


  1. i like ektu sweet jams-like blackberry or blackcurrant; and i <3 marmalade :P

  2. I don't like jam. I prefer ham. :D
    Also, nice picture.
    And cook for me!